The Brink

Author’s latest thriller chillingly current Mark Fadden readily admits his new novel, The Brink, could be the most controversial book of 2010. Not only does it feature a lost Constitution article, it uses real-world economic numbers to weave an intricate conspiracy tale that takes up where the recent financial meltdown left off. “Great fiction should inspire us to challenge the status quo,” Fadden said, “especially when the status quo involves our country’s truly dangerous financial situation.” It is this dangerous financial situation that becomes the focus of the story after fugitive lawman Danny Cavanaugh helps a woman running for her life, only to get sucked into a secret society’s plot to create financial Armageddon. The Brink is Fadden’s third novel and is a continuation of his first novel, Five Days in Dallas. Published in 2003, Five Days in Dallas received critical acclaim and Fadden himself was even called a “masterful storyteller” by a Writer’s Digest reviewer. Fadden then began working on the follow-up in 2006, which eventually became The Brink. His agent, Tris Coburn, shopped it around to several publishing houses

in 2009, but couldn’t find it a home. Undeterred, Fadden decided to publish it with iUniverse, the world’s largest independent publisher. “It’s been quite a journey since I began writing in 2001. It took a long time just to find an agent who believed in me enough to pound the pavement with my manuscripts. Now, with the economy the way it is, publishers are being very conservative with what they will greenlight. But it’s great that there’s an outlet for people to publish something that they believe in.” With Fadden winning both his publisher’s Editor’s Choice Award, which is only awarded to the top 10 percent of the 25,000 books iUniverse publishes annually, and the Rising Star Award, through which the publisher will present it to national, regional, and local booksellers as part of a nationwide sales campaign, it seems that Fadden is right to believe in The Brink. “I’m really proud of it,” Fadden said. “It explodes off the first page and maintains that supercharged pace throughout. It delivers the level of suspense that thriller readers have come to expect with a plot couldn’t be more current. There’s great chemistry between the two main characters. They’re both strong personalities, but each struggles with deep inner conflict that has shaped who they are.” While The Brink allowed Fadden to navigate the complex world of economics and politics, it’s his lead character that he’s still trying to understand. “Danny Cavanaugh is an interesting guy. He has this unstoppable desire to do the right thing, but certain events have happened in his life that have put him in a precarious position. When The Brink opens he’s hiding out in Mexico contemplating suicide; not exactly a typical hero’s situation, but that’s what makes him relatable. We’ve all faced situations where we want to give up, where things seem insurmountable, but something deep inside keeps us going.” Starting in the Dallas/Fort Worth area where he lives, Fadden will conduct a book tour promoting The Brink this summer. Readers can log on to for tour dates and locations. The Brink is available in hardcover and paperback at most major book stores and online booksellers. The eBook format will be released this summer. The first four chapters can also be read at