Tools for Tuesday – The Big Idea

I was traveling this weekend, driving to Galveston, Texas to help my older brother celebrate his 40th birthday. Like you probably do, whenever I’m on a road trip, I try to find something good to listen to. So, I dropped by our local library before my trip and found a few audiobooks that sounded interesting. One of which was marketing guru Donny Deutsch’s The Big Idea. No dummy when it comes to brand recognition, Deutsch also hosts the popular The Big Idea TV show on CNBC.

On the show, and in the book, Deutsch gives us lessons in life and in marketing, but he also highlights numerous “case studies” – people who had an idea, a dream, and worked hard to make them become reality. Deutsch’s biggest strength is that he never tires of asking the question “so, how’d you do it?” to entrepreneurs, like the woman who came up with Spanx undergarments, or the lawyer making six figures who quit his job to become a Lego designer. Yeah, Legos, the building blocks kids play with.

I highly recommend The Big Idea, both the show and the book ,as a tool for writers to tap into their “authorpreneurial” side. Perhaps even better than the great information that we as authorpreneurs can take away from reading and watching The Big Idea, is Deutsch’s point that he comes back to over and over and over again….Do what you love and the money will follow. I know that I gave up a career of something that I hated doing 10 hours a day for a smaller paycheck and the chance to do something I love, which is writing. What about you? What will you sacrifice, or what have you sacrificed, for your writing career?   

A little housekeeping note – I will be on vacation starting tomorrow and won’t be back at the keyboard until next Tuesday, July 5th. My best wishes for a safe and happy 4th of July!


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