Press Release – Pots n’ plots with a dash of the author thrown in

Lisa Panno, David O'Briant, Kay Adams, Rosemary Kayem, and Mark Fadden cook food featured in Fadden's latest thriller, The Brink, at Colleyville Market Street's Dish culinary school.

Authors are like most entrepreneurs, they are always on the lookout for new ways to promote their books. That’s why Colleyville author Mark Fadden jumped at the chance to appear at the latest Market Street cooking school event. 

“I’ve had many book signings and given several lectures about writing, but I’d never done anything like this,” said Fadden about the recent Pots n’ Plots class where attendees cooked several dishes from his latest suspense thriller, The Brink. “But I figured if it combined reading and eating, two of my favorite things, then that’s the definition of win-win.” 

Judy Waitkus, Culinary Manager at Market Street grocery store in Colleyville, led attendees as they first made fruit salad with honey, crab cake sandwiches and even a dish called, “Eggs Carver” that one of the characters in the book had named after himself. Attendees clustered in small groups as they cooked the various dishes, and then got to eat them while they discussed Fadden’s book with him. “I had an absolute blast,” Fadden remarked of the laid-back evening that included sipping on Shiner Bock beer, which was also featured in the book, as he answered questions from attendees. “It was totally different from sitting behind a table signing books or standing at a podium speaking. To be able to cook a meal with everyone and then sit around and eat while talking books with what I consider a group of new friends, well life doesn’t get too much better than that.” 

The Brink is Fadden’s third suspense thriller. Not only does it feature a lost Constitution article, it uses real-world economic numbers to weave an intricate conspiracy tale that takes up where the recent financial meltdown left off. Published in May 2010, it has already won two awards and has been nominated for a third. Readers can find out more about Fadden, his books and future appearances at

 The Dish culinary schools are located at two of the Dallas-Fort Worth Market Street locations, in Colleyville and McKinney. The Dish culinary school offers classes, like “Making Seafood Easy” and “Bacon, Bacon, Bacon!”, for all level of cooks taught by their own chefs as well as leading experts from around the country. For more information on the Colleyville Market Street Dish Event Center call Judy Waitkus at (817) 577-5047 or visit

The 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse?

Another day off, yet here it is..another post. I couldn’t help this one, as it’s more a rant that focuses on the plot from my latest thriller, The Brink, and less about being an authorpreneur. Shamless self promotion, yes. But these are the last days that I’m part of the B&N Special Collection, so please cut me a little slack for trying to keep myself TOM (Top Of Mind). 

Most folks don’t know what the Federal Reserve is, and yet it has perhaps the most influence in our daily lives more than any other piece of the federal government. Did you catch that? The Federal Reserve isn’t even part of our government (another common misconception), it’s a private entity. But chances are, the fact that you’re living in the house you have because of the low mortgage rate, or the fact that you didn’t get that loan you needed to start a new business because the interest rate was a killer, all came about because of something this private bank did. You are permitted to cojure pictures of a giant Monopoly banker growing tentacles and wrapping them around the Capital building here if you want.

And even if you followed former Alan Greenspan, and could decipher his famous “Greenspeak” speeches to corner the market in your day trading days, or you tweet or blog about current Chairman Bernanke’s press releases and senate hearings, chances are you don’t know the following names: Fisher, Plosser, Evans and  Kocherlakota. But, as voting members of the Fed’s Board of Governors, it is these 4 men who hold the power to sway those key Fed actions that will impact you and your financial future for years, or perhaps even decades, to come.

A recent NYT article sets up their decision making power like the engine behind a conspiratorial plot of a  suspense novel: “The four men are presidents of regional Fed banks, and under an arcane system that dates to the Depression, they will become voting members in 2011 on the Federal Open Market Committee, which gathers eight times a year around a 27-foot mahogany table to influence the supply of credit in the economy.”

It is this kind of behind-the-scenes activity that makes us question our government, not trust it. While it provides inspiration for fiction writers to churn out stories that hopefully education while they entertain, casting these men as shadowy characters in the self-mockumentary that is our present day political system powers the politics of dangerous and ignorant extremes that now soaks up hours and hours of TV and Internet programming. 

So, what to do? Insert op/ed for educating the little ones  here – Maybe we should teach the kiddos a little more about how organizations like The Fed really work, and just how much influence they have over mommy’s and daddy’s life. Maybe instead of learning their state capitals, they should know the names of the men and women who will wield pens as mighty swords over their financial futures. If nothing else, we should teach the children about credit scores and not how to f*** their’s up. Now that’s something that will affect EVERYTHING they do in their financial life. Plus, it’s a pretty easy start to get a handle on what people can do to control their financial life rather than trying to figure out what goes on after hours around one of those 27-foot mahogany tables. I just hope the cleaning lady uses plenty of Pledge the next morning.


 Mark Fadden’s latest thriller, The Brink, was selected for Barnes and Noble’s Special Collection for a second time! Check it out at

Making the most of your chamber membership

I know I said I wouldn’t post again until after Jan 1, but I couldn’t help myself. Plus, the kids are home from school and I’m hiding in my office, so forgive the typos as I’m typing in the dark.

As an “authorpreneur” you should think about joining your local chamber of commerce. Not only does it give you a chance to meet people who read and might buy signed books as business gifts, it’s important to support your local community. Because pumping money back into your nieghborhood is about the best kind of “being green” there is.

So, being a newly minted chamber member, I wanted to make the most out of my chamber membership. Having no storefront to stand akwardly in front of as I use the giant scissors to cut my chamber ribbon, I decided to incorporate my chamber ribbon cutting event into a book signing event at our local Borders book store. It was a great success as I sold out of books. At any rate, the press release about it is below. I even sent the press release to the US Chamber of Commerce magazine folks to see if it will cut the mustard and be added to their “Business Profiles” section. Because being a good authorpreneur is not just about supporting the local economy, its also about seeing an opportunity to spread the good word about your books across the land.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!   

No storefront? No problem

The ribbon cutting event is a rite of passage for new members joining a chamber of commerce. But what to do when you don’t have a storefront? Simple. You improvise.

“Because I work out of my house, I didn’t think I could do a ribbon cutting,” said Colleyville, Texas author Mark Fadden, who has been out promoting his latest novel, The Brink, for the past several months at book signings, book club meetings and civic group presentations. “But then I thought with a little creativity, it would be unique opportunity to try something different.” Fadden, who recently became a member of the Colleyville Area Chamber of Commerce, contacted Lori Lortscher of the Colleyville Borders bookstore and pitched an idea to have his ribbon cutting in their store, combining it with a book signing event. Being a local author, and the fact that Fadden had already had a very successful signing in the store when The Brink first came out this past June, Lortscher was eager to have him back again. “Mark’s appearance at our store was definitely a hit,” said Lortscher. “He drew in a good size crowd of loyal followers. He interacted with everyone and sold many copies of his book.”

This isn’t the first time that the Colleyville Chamber has done a ribbon cutting at a unique venue. “The Colleyville Area Chamber of Commerce coordinates many ribbon cuttings in the community for businesses or individuals who do not have a storefront. Ribbon cuttings may be held at the member’s home, at a favorite restaurant, at a friend’s business or even at the chamber office,” said Director of Membership Lauren Duke. “Local artists like Ann Hardy and Lamberto Alvarez, photographers like Vera Crosby and Walt Mills, and great writers like Mark Fadden add diversity and culture to our area. Creative professionals like these benefit from their involvement in a chamber of commerce by exposing their abilities and passion to their very own community. Members and residents alike can get to know these talented individuals on a deeper level and learn firsthand what motivates their craft.”

An award-winning suspense thriller, The Brink uses the current financial crisis to tell the story of a fugitive Texas Ranger who helps a woman running for her life, only to get sucked into a secret society’s plot for global financial Armageddon. The book, which was written in 2006, has been seen as somewhat prophetic in that several of its events, including the global economic meltdown, the ensuing currency wars and even the recent Washington D.C. Metro bomb scare, have actually come true. Readers can get more information about Fadden and his books, including previewing The Brink, at      


 The Brink was selected for Barnes and Noble’s Special Collection for a second time! Check it out at

The Nightstand Diaries – 1 year, 5,000 books, and an (almost) anything goes approach to marketing a political thriller.

July 19, 2010

Day 35 of 365

Books sold so far (as of the end of May 2010 – sales reports in this industry lag big time!): 157

 In this issue:

  • FB ad round-up – Did I pee in FB’s Pepsi?  
  • Wikileaks – the perfect site to prime the plot pump

 FB ad round-up – Did I pee in FB’s Pepsi?

As you may recall from the last posting, I went with the following ad on FB to take advantage of the Borders July 16-19 25% off sale.  It incorporated last week’s video interview with the Girls in the Stacks (GITS):

 Need a good book?

Check out Mark Fadden’s latest interview about his new award-winning thriller and get the promo code for 25% off his books.


So I check in with the results over the weekend, and I see something funny; FB ain’t showing it:

Date Imp. Clicks CTR (%) Avg. CPC ($) Avg. CPM ($) Spent ($)
07/17/2010 0 0 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
07/16/2010 40,397 4 0.01 0.46 0.05 1.83
07/19/2010 0 0 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
07/18/2010 27 0 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Lifetime 40,424 4 0.01 0.46 0.05 1.83


FB, doth mine words offend thee?  My bid was in their suggested bid range (it was even on the high end) but the love wasn’t there. What gives? I’ve got an email in to FB HQ to solve the problem, but I’ll keep chugging on, because it’s FB ad month here at Author Mark Fadden central.  Here’s the next ad going out this week:


Could a novel come true?

A fugitive lawman uncovers the link between a secret society’s plot for financial Armageddon & the FED, based on REAL economic numbers.


I thought I’d change the target audience up a bit, so the audience is people who like ‘economics.’ You might laugh that some people actual admit to liking the dismal science, but there’s 93,940 of them. We’ll see. I’m gonna let this ad roll for a week.

 As always, if you have any suggestions for tweaking ad copy, please email ideas to  

 Wikileaks – the perfect site to prime the plot pump

 If you haven’t visited wikileaks yet, go there ASAP. If you’re a mystery or thriller writer, drop everything and go there right now. It’s chock full of the stuff that will make your mind wander in luscious fields of conspiracy. A truly great source of inspiration. It was the recent topic of NPR’s show Fresh Air, and the founder of the site is supposedly wanting to build the headquarters in Iceland, where he can run the site free from persecution.

 The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,

rest easy tonight my friends, but stay hungry tomorrow…