The evolution of self-publishing, a webinar


With all the changes in the publishing industry, and many scratching their heads to figure out where we’re all headed, self-publishing (aka taking matters into one’s own hands) is exploding. Many writers see it as a way to cut out the middleman (traditional publishers) and keep more of the money themselves. Others, like myself, see it as a springboard toward a traditional publishing deal. Still others still see it as  “vanity press” where the author can have at least a few copies of his book on display in his office to impress his clients with, or the 24 year old blond marketing assitant that was just hired.  

Whatever you view it as, self publishing isn’t going away. Here’s a link to a recent webinar on about the evolution of self publishing. The panelists had many different viewpoints/thoughts to offer, as well as tips to consider if you’re thinking of going the self-pub route. It’s about an hour long, so grab a beer or glass of wine, find a comfy chair and enjoy!


Mark Fadden is a freelance writer and award-winning author of Five Days in Dallas and The Brink. Send him an email at  

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