Is misspelling the path to Internet sales success?

A little fun with words on this pic of Tori Spelling, but nevertheless an important point about how mistakes might help us out in our online marketing efforts.

This month, my online marketing efforts have focused on promoting the ebook version of my latest thriller, The Brink, on the Barnes & Noble website. I did this because I’m thinking there are an awful lot of people that got nook eReaders for Christmas and they are looking for eBooks for it. B& is selling it at $7.99, 20% off the cover price.

I’ve used both google and facebook ads in the past, and it’s been my experience that FB ads just don’t work for me. Once people are on FB, they want to stay on FB. They just aren’t willing to leave it to go to a website to buy a book. I have been getting emails on how to use FB ads to direct folks to my FB author page and to increase the interaction, but alas, time has been at a premium lately and I simply haven’t been able to research that topic. 

So, I am staying with Google Adwords. I used their keyword tool to help me figure out which are the best keywords to use for my ad campaign, and a funny thing happened. Misspellings of Barnes & Noble had almost the same number of hits that correct spellings did.

Case in point, here are the top 5 keywords I used and the coresponding performance data:

“Barnes & Noble” –  69 clicks out of 3,706 impressions

“barnes and nobles” – 53 clicks out of 3,800 impressions

“barns and noble” – 52 clicks out of 2,119 impressions – highest click thru rate at 2.45%

“barns and nobles” – 36 clicks out of 1,539 impressions

“barnes and noble” – 10 clicks out of 1,113 impressions

These numbers are based on a $.50 cost per click ceiling and a $20 a day budget. As you can see, not huge spelling errors here, but it pays to keep in mind that people are not the best spellers. Either they type incorrectly or they simply misspelled the word. Either way, it pays to remember to include misspelled keywords in your online campiagns… 🙂


Mark Fadden is a freelance writer and author. Bestselling author Sandra Brown recently had this to say about Mark’s latest novel, The Brink: “[The Brink] is a hell of a read. The chemistry between [the main characters] Danny and Sydney is terrific. The action sequences were heart-pounding!” Check out The Brink and Mark’s other books at

The Brink is now available as an eBook for Kindle  and Barnes & Noble nook for only $2.99!

Better book marketing with search engine optimization

Whether you’re a freelance writer with a website that shows potential clients your work, or you have a full e-commerce site that you use to sell books online, I’m going to ask you something that may remind you of the title of an 80’s Def Leppard song: Is your site optimized?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Excalibur’s sword when it comes to you being the king of your web kingdom. I attended an eye-opening seminar about SEO put on by the Colleyville Chamber of Commerce. The seminar was conducted by i5 web works, a Dallas/Fort Worth Website Design, Internet Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization firm. “You really, really, really, really need to have a blog,” was just one of the points Principal and Co-Founder Michael Burns drove home. And that’s not just for writers, but for everyone. Search engines, it turns out, love blogs. But they have to be quality blogs with updated information. “You can’t just post on your blog every few months,” Burns said. “Blogging has to be a daily thing.”

Towards the end of the seminar, Burns and crew looked at a few of the audience members websites and wouldn’t you know they picked mine. Burns offered invaluable constructive criticism about the problems with my site from an SEO and design perspective as well. I’ll be covering these topics over the next couple weeks. Why? Two reasons: One, sticking to one topic at a time allows us to get fully immersed in it. And two, because it gives me more subjects for multiple posts!

For tonight, let’s talk title tags. Title tags are the keywords that come up at the very top of the window (in the blue part). You probably don’t even look at them very often, but those keywords tell the search engine what that page is all about. The title tag for my home page,, used to read, “Official website of author Mark Fadden.” Sounds important to us, right? But to the search engine, it means nothing. Using what I learned at the seminar, I streamlined the home page to just have a short welcome and a preview of the first 4 chapters of my latest thriller, The Brink. I used Google’s keyword tool (can be found under the “opportunities” tab on their Adwords page), and typed in ‘book preview, new author, and read books online.’ The tool then not only tells you how many global and local searches are made a month for each keyword or phrase, it also offers keywords or phrases that are like yours and those monthly search numbers as well.

Based upon how many searches were made for certain keywords, I’ve now changed the home page title tag to read: “Read books online – New Author Mark Fadden book preview.” Incidentally, Burns mentioned that each page of your site needs to have unique title tags, and don’t go past 65 characters. I just changed the tags today, so I won’t have any information on how they have impacted traffic until tomorrow., my web hosting service, has a 24-hour lag time in posting site statistics, so we’ll review them in tomorrow’s post. Until then,

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,

Rest easy tonight my friends, but stay hungry tomorrow… 


Here’s what readers are saying about Mark’s latest thriller The Brink:

“I finally had a chance to sit down and read The Brink–all the way through in a day and a half. The story is gripping, even frightening, and you capture the suspense in the rhythm of your prose. In places I was reading so fast I felt like I was in the chase! I’ll put it on the shelf next to my signed copy of Lonesome Dove, in the gallery of great contemporary writers!” – Bob H., Amarillo, TX

“He’s the next Dan Brown.” – Arlene D., Southlake, TX

“Truly a pager turner for me. I could not put the book down. Every time I thought I had figured something out, the next twist came up. If you like conspiracy theories, you’ll love this one.” – Sharon L, Houston, TX

Want to start reading The Brink right now? Download the eBook version from for less that $10 at or at

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