Is social media killing your author website?

I must admit that alot of the fodder for recent posts have been from the CBS business site bnet. It’s just as writers, authors, and general creative types, we sometimes get so caught up in character arcs, plot lines, sub plots, and general how to pull off a ripping whodunit, that we rarely think about how the heck we gonna sell it?
With so many folks praising Social Media these days as the answer to selling anything and everything, especially as a way for us, the great unwashed authors toiling away in near obscurity, to get our books into the laps of our readers, I came across a bnet article on how SM may just be keeping us from paying attention to that other technological thingy that is the true closer in our corner – our websites. 
The article makes a great case for having, and managing, a great site. For us writers, tweeting and blogging may get a message out there, but it is our websites that allow us a space on the web where we can share sample chapters, post a book trailer, and even sell our books. Websites are still our storefronts and we must keep the windows clean and the front stoop swept, or else no matter how many flyers we post in the neighborhood, or ads we take out in the local paper, ain’t no one gonna come by to take a look or buy a book. How’s that for ending with a little poetry?  

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