Conspiracy Friday – Reviews of the 2011 Bilderberg Meeting


Photo from The Baltimore Sun June 10, 2011 edition

Man, oh man! I’m actually giddy about this post. The Bilderberg Group, the super secret group of politicians, royalty, international bankers and business leaders who allegedly run the world, met just last weekend in Switzerland to decide the fate of the human race. In short, we’re screwed. Just kidding. But the Bilderberg Group, with its penchant for secrecy, does open itself up to much speculation and conspiracy theories. Much has been written about them over the years. I even used them as the basis of “The Group” in my latest thriller, The Brink.

Actually, the Bilderberg Group, which has come a long way since they were started in 1954, is an organization of said world leaders. They do meet in secretive locations on an annual basis to conduct meetings that are not privy to the outside media. But thanks to the dogged pursuit of the truth surrounding their intentions by investigative journalists like Daniel Estulin and Alex Jones, the Bilderbergs have had to change the way they do business. They now even have a website that lists their membership and the activities at their annual meetings since their inception. Ahh, progress.

So, what do you think about the Bilderberg Group? Is it just a meeting of world leaders where they rely on utmost privacy to provide a forum where they can say what they feel without the public’s probing eye? Or are they readying themselves for world domination? To the keyboards! And have a fantastic weekend!   


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