How to be a best selling self published author

So Iget an email last week from author Michael Prescott about his novel Last Breath. Published in 2001, he just released it in ebook form for 99 cents. If it’s anything like his other titles he released for 99 cents, it will also be a big seller. In fact, he thanked us readers in the email for our support : “Your support has made it possible for me to hit both the New York Times and the USA Today bestseller lists – a very rare thing for a self-published ebook. In fact, I’ve had as many as three ebooks on the USA Today list simultaneously! “
So, how does a self published author get on the NYT and USA Today best seller lists? Well, I asked him in an email and here is part of his response:
“I talked about my strategy in this interview: 
Basically, I would say dropping my price to 99 cents and then promoting the book on the Kindle boards was what made it happen. There’s a whole subculture of Kindle buyers who look for 99-cent books. You can find threads in the Kindle forums devoted exclusively to 99-cent ebooks., and most of these threads invite authors to promote their work. (I’ve found it’s best to promote yourself only on the threads that invite you to do so. I’ve also found it’s best to hit only five or ten threads in a week, so as not to be seen as a spammer.) 
John Locke’s How I Sold One Million Ebooks in Five Months suggests a somewhat different strategy that involves Twitter. It worked for him. Personally, I’m having a hard time figuring out Twitter. 
You might also join Indie Writers Unite on Facebook, where there are a lot of good suggestions and ideas, as well as a lot of support. I noticed you don’t list Facebook or Twitter in your signature. IMO, it’s important to use these social networking services. It’s a way to build a following. 
Given your reviews and endorsements, I think you can easily climb the Kindle ranks if you follow my approach or some variation on it. The approach is not original with me, BTW. I was emulating a friend of mine named J. Carson Black, who has sold more than 200,000 ebooks this year. 
Of course people have to like the book. I just released a goofball comedy novel, and despite my best efforts, it’s going nowhere, because people really hate the thing. Turns out I’m not funny.    Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.
😦 sad    Live and learn …”
So, it is possible to be bestseller as a self published author! Thanks again to Michael for the priceless advise. I hope his words help all of us. Ebooks are all the rage, but they are still in their infancy. The only direction is up!

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