News Release: Colleyville author presents lecture on writing, marketing novels at Newark Public Library

Pat Winn, Newark Library Director Megan Suffling , Mayor Pro-tem of Newark Laura Pixler, and author Mark Fadden

“To get your books read, writers can no longer just write. They must promote their books in every way imaginable and in even new ways that no one’s ever thought of.” That was the key message of author Mark Fadden’s recent presentation to patrons of the Newark Public Library in Newark, Texas.

During his lecture, Beyond the book: How being an “authorpreneur” will help you sell books, build your author platform and gain lifelong fans, Fadden gave listeners helpful hints on how to use mostly free online tools to manage their book marketing campaigns. These ranged from the simple, using Google Alerts to find out when someone’s name was mentioned anywhere and anytime of the web, to how to use to launch a press release, something he did recently. “My press release, entitled Author’s Latest Thriller Eerily Similar to Recent Events, had more than 61,000 news feed impressions. Out of those it was read 1,177 times, and I am beginning to follow up with those sources to see if I can leverage that interest into a book review or other publicity.”

Fadden readily admits his new novel, The Brink, not only predicted the currency wars, the Federal Reserve’s latest reaction to the mounting U.S. debt crisis, and even the recent Washington, D.C. Metro bomb scare, it is an extremely controversial financial thriller. The book features a lost Constitution article while it uses real-world economic numbers to weave an intricate conspiracy tale that takes up where the recent financial meltdown left off. “Great fiction should inspire us to challenge the status quo,” Fadden said, “especially when the status quo involves our country’s truly dangerous financial situation.” It is this dangerous financial situation that becomes the focus of the story after the main character, fugitive lawman Danny Cavanaugh, helps a woman running for her life, only to get sucked into a secret society’s plot to create financial Armageddon.

The Brink is Fadden’s third novel. His first novel, Five Days in Dallas, was published in 2003. It received critical acclaim and Fadden himself was even called a “masterful storyteller” by a Writer’s Digest reviewer. Fadden, who grew up in Houston and now lives in Colleyville, Texas, has several book signings and lectures scheduled in the next few months. His event schedule and the first 22 pages of The Brink can be previewed at  Fadden has also created a blog about writing novels and book marketing using social media entitled, “Book Marketing Wars: building your author platform,” which can be read at

QE, Currency Wars and the Barnes and Noble Event Blog

Tonight two topics – one on books and the other on the state of our international financial system (which is the foundation of my latest thriller, The Brink ). Since this blog is about writing and getting your book noticed in the ever-expanding marketing universe, I’ll hit the book topic first.

I had a great weekend with back to back signings in two local Barnes & Noble stores. Since one was a group event where they had several authors appear at the same time and they did their own publicity for it, I did a news release on my second signing at the Lewisville Barnes & Noble (please see yesterday’s blog to read the news release) . One of the tags I used was “Barnes and Noble events” and it got picked up by WordPress’s “Blogs about” service. Our blogs on “Blogs about” won’t stay up there long, it does get some attention, and that’s a good thing.   


Now, I’ll show you the money, or what’s happening with the money around the world.

It’s been called “QE” which stands for quantitative easing. Basically, it’s a fancy term that the Federal Reserve and the rest of the world’s reserve banks are using when they print more money. Interest rates are already at rock bottom almost everywhere, so there’s nothing else the bankers can do on that end to pump more money into the international financial system.  So they said, “Hey, wait a second. Let’s just pump more money into the system by making more money and come up with some clever euphamism for it!” Viola, qualitative easing. However, as with anything in politics, some play fair and some don’t. Some countries are printing money, and some aren’t. And this is leading to these “currency wars” or fighting in the international financial system among the players. The ones that aren’t printing money say that the ones that are aren’t playing fair and it affects currency values all over the world. These inflated or deflated currency values affect export and imports, which affect deficits, and everyone is mad at China because they’ve kept the yuan so low for years, and these current wars are just reminding everyone that they should be mad as heck and not take it anymore. Problem is, China is one of the few countries that is actually in the black. And they are making investments all over the world.

I continue to be flabbergasted at the fact that what the bankers are doing across the globe is EXACTLY what the fictional bankers in my latest thriller, The Brink, did to lead up to one very important event that is about to take place when a scrappy, brilliant woman discovers what’s about to happen and decides to do something about it. Her decision leads to her run for her life through Northern Mexico, where she’s discovered by a fugitive cop who decides to help her, thus getting himself sucked into this plot for financial Armageddon.

But there’s one thing here that fiction allows me to do. It allows me to put an evil group behind what’s going on in the international financial system. The Group, as they are called in the book, work behind the scenes to manipulate the system. They are the ones controlling these decisions made by the bankers, which is not to say they are controlling the bankers directly. Rather, they control the system and the bankers have no other options but to do what The Group wants them to do.

But is that what’s going on in the real world? Is there one group that is, for the lack of a better word, gaming the system? In his excellent book, The Big Short, Michael Lewis cast a lens on a few Wall Street outsiders that seemed to read the cards of the financial world better than the rest of the world, and got rich doing so by betting against the market in the run-up to the 2008 financial meltdown. What if the same is going on here again? For a second time? On a much, much bigger, global scale? That’s what The Brink is about. Could what is essentially a small group of people actually control the future of the world economy?

To the keyboards!

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News Release – Local author signs ‘absolutely shocking’ book at The Book Carriage

Larry Granados, Treena Carpenter, Mark Fadden, Mercedes Reagan, and Leanne Skinner hold copies of The Brink, Mark Fadden's latest thriller, during his visit to The Book Carriage in Roanoke, Texas

Cooler temperatures make a lot of people want to curl up with a good book. And that’s exactly what customers got a chance to do at The Book Carriage & Coffee Shop in Roanoke on Sunday when Colleyville author Mark Fadden stopped by to promote and sign copies of his latest award-winning thriller, The Brink. In the book, Fadden incorporates a lost article of the U.S. Constitution into the story of a fugitive cop that helps a woman running for her life, only to get sucked into a secret society’s plot for global financial Armageddon.

 “It’s a completely gripping thriller, one that I hated to put down,” said Leanne Skinner, who works at the store and read an advance copy. “I appreciated the short chapters, so when I did get the inevitable interruption, I could finish the chapter, take care of the interruption, and then get back to it.”

 During his visit, Fadden talked about the “real-world” economics that are part of the book. “I began researching the book in 2006. Back then, I wanted to do a story that used the country’s exploding debt problem as the basis for a conspiracy thriller. I also wanted to use real numbers and real economic theory to showcase just how fragile our financial system is. Little did I know then that the events happening now, like the government debt bubble and actions of players in the international financial system, like what the Bank of Japan is doing to stabilize its economy, practically mirror what happens in the book. The truly frightening thing is that these actions, in the book anyway, ignite the complete unraveling of the entire global monetary system.”

 “It’s absolutely shocking,” said Angie Granados of the financial realty in the book. Granados, with her husband Larry, owns The Book Carriage & Coffee Shop. “Mark talked about some of the financial numbers he uses in his book, real numbers from the real world. It’s almost too scary to think about what could happen.”      

 The Book Carriage & Coffee Shop opened two years ago. Granados and her husband built the unique building from the ground up, scraping the existing building that once stood there in order to comply with the city’s zoning ordinances for the revitalized Oak Street corridor. The building features a conference room on the second floor that can be rented and a stage that overlooks the main part of the store where bands play on Saturday nights. “Because of the construction, this was our first signing event in a while,” said Granados. “Now that the construction is over with, we are looking forward to having more events and more signings.”

 The Book Carriage & Coffee Shop is an independent general bookstore/coffee shop located at 304 North Oak Street in Historic Downtown Roanoke. Contact them at or 817.491.2858. Or visit their website at

 Mark Fadden can be reached at He has several upcoming signings in the DFW area and is available to attend book club reviews as well. He is also giving workshops on how authors can use social media to sell their books at various local libraries. Visit to view his schedule of events or to preview The Brink.

News Release – Authors read from works, share own stories at Bedford Library event

Poet Rebecca Balcárcel and author Sarah A. Hoyt listen as author Mark Fadden reads from his latest thriller, The Brink."

As one of the last events at the Bedford Public Library’s current home before it moves to its new location, the Friends of the Bedford Public Library hosted, “An Evening with the Authors” on Saturday, Sept 25. “Where do you get your inspiration for your stories?” “How did you get started writing?” “How long does it take you to write your books?” were just some of the questions fielded by Colleyville thriller author Mark Fadden, local poet Rebecca Balcárcel and author Sarah A. Hoyt, who writes science fiction, fantasy and mysteries. Not only did the authors share stories about their experiences with publishers, their writing processes, and current writing projects, but all three read from their most recent works and signed copies of their books.

“I absolutely love coming to these events,” said Fadden, who was the only first-timer at the event. “It’s great to talk to people about the journey of a story going from an idea in your head to a finished, published novel.” Fadden read from his latest novel, The Brink, which was recently published in May 2010 and has already won several awards. In it, a fugitive cop helps out a woman running for her life, only to get sucked into a secret society’s plan for global financial Armageddon.

Poet Rebecca Balcárcel, who is an associate professor of English at Tarrant County College, read selected poems from her book Palabras in Each Fist. “It was great to hear the work of my colleagues and fun to meet readers. A poet being able to read from his or her own work certainly adds a dimension to it.”

Sarah A. Hoyt, who traveled all the way from Colorado Springs, Colorado and has published 17 books, read from her latest book, Dipped, Stripped, and Dead. Besides attending the event, she hosted a writer’s workshop over the weekend at the library where she discussed story structure, how to market and the realities of being a writer. “I made every mistake in the book, so I am very qualified to teach this workshop,” said Hoyt.

“To have three authors that represent such different genres made for a very interesting evening,” said Amanda Green, Vice President of the Friends of the Bedford Public Library. “Being one of the last events at our current library, it was bittersweet. But we are very excited about moving into our new building in just a few months.”

All three authors have websites. For more information, visit, or

News Release – Texas author begins book marketing lecture tour

Sept 17, 2010 – Colleyville, Texas – The Internet has changed almost every facet of the way we do business. For authors, the Internet is a powerful tool to reach readers, but few understand how to fully utilize it to maximize their marketing dollars. Fortunately, Colleyville author Mark Fadden is hoping to educate other authors on how to use the Internet, and more specifically social media, to sell books.

“Never forget that writing is a business,” was Fadden’s central message of his Get Your Book Read! lecture last night at the Little Elm Public Library in Little Elm, Texas. Fadden’s latest thriller, entitled The Brink, which was recently published in May 2010, uses the current financial crisis as the foundation of a fast-paced suspense thriller in which a fugitive Texas Ranger helps a woman running for her life, only to get sucked into a secret society’s plot for global financial Armageddon. The book was awarded both the Editor’s Choice Award and the Rising Star Award from its publisher and Fadden had the most successful signing of the year at the Colleyville Borders bookstore. “As writers, we wear the artist hat. We use our creativity to do our job. But, if you want anyone besides your mother to read the book, you must take off the artist’s hat and put on the entrepreneur’s hat. You’ve got to think of creative ways to sell books.” For Fadden, that includes everything from talking directly to area book clubs and showing up at their meetings when they review his books, to being a part of cooking classes like “Pots & Plots” at the Colleyville Market Street grocery store. Students in the class cook a meal from the books they read and then talk about the book as they eat.  

Fadden began developing what the publishing industry refers to as his “author platform”, which is basically his marketing plan, long before the book was actually published. He built a website (, created a book trailer, which is similar to a movie trailer, and recorded a video interview that can be seen on his homepage. He also designed bookmarks and had them printed through an online print shop, which he hands out by the handfuls at events. With every signing he does, and every lecture he gives, Fadden adds fans to his email database, a list he has backed up on both paper and a hard drive that are stored in a fireproof safe. “People might think adding one fan at a time is tedious, but you have to remember the Law of 250. On average, most folks know 250 people. If they read your book and like it, they’re going to tell their friends about it. If you meet 4 people at a signing or lecture, that’s 1,000 potential new readers that might pick up your book. Like I stress in my presentations, social media and online marketing is important, but word-of-mouth advertising is still the tops.”

The Brink is Fadden’s third novel. His first novel, Five Days in Dallas, was published in 2003. It received critical acclaim and Fadden himself was even called a “masterful storyteller” by a Writer’s Digest reviewer. Fadden has several book signings and lectures scheduled in the next few months. His event schedule and the first 22 pages of The Brink can be previewed at Email him at to get a copy of his Get Your Book Read! PowerPoint presentation. Fadden has also created a blog about writing novels and book marketing using social media entitled, “The Nightstand Diaries,” which can be read at