(Writers’) Tools For Tuesday – Self Publishing for audio books

Due to the overwhelming popularity of “App Wednesday”, “Mystery Monday” a new topic and a new day comes to Mark Fadden’s Blog – “(Writers’) Tools for Tuesday.” It’s all about tools that us writers can use to reach more readers, to make more fans and to kick the most ass we can.

So, the first up is a doozie. Ever wonder why no one is taking the self-publishing revolution to audiobooks? I mean, just like an ebook, it is a digitized platform, right? No publishers, trees, printing presses, or in this case, reel to reel tape or warehousing needed.

Well, it seems, like what happened with Napster and Facebook, someone a lot smarter than us beat us to the punch.  

Audible, one of the leading audiobook retailers, has come up with ACX or “Audiobook creation exchange.” Just like Amazon’s Kindle store and B&N’s PubIt!, they created ACX to give authors another outlet to self publish, and the royalty breakdown is very similar to those other services as well, aka authors get to keep more of the money in their pocket.

One big difference, is that since it’s audio, authors have a choice: choose who narrates their book, or narrate it themselves. Here’s a chance to show the world just how good your Somalian accent really is. 

And, to make sure I show the love to the website where I found out about ACX, its “Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.”  They review romance novels, so if that’s your thing, make sure to check them out.

Self publishing audiobooks, good idea? Bad idea? To the keyboards!


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