Is social media killing your author website?

I must admit that alot of the fodder for recent posts have been from the CBS business site bnet. It’s just as writers, authors, and general creative types, we sometimes get so caught up in character arcs, plot lines, sub plots, and general how to pull off a ripping whodunit, that we rarely think about how the heck we gonna sell it?
With so many folks praising Social Media these days as the answer to selling anything and everything, especially as a way for us, the great unwashed authors toiling away in near obscurity, to get our books into the laps of our readers, I came across a bnet article on how SM may just be keeping us from paying attention to that other technological thingy that is the true closer in our corner – our websites. 
The article makes a great case for having, and managing, a great site. For us writers, tweeting and blogging may get a message out there, but it is our websites that allow us a space on the web where we can share sample chapters, post a book trailer, and even sell our books. Websites are still our storefronts and we must keep the windows clean and the front stoop swept, or else no matter how many flyers we post in the neighborhood, or ads we take out in the local paper, ain’t no one gonna come by to take a look or buy a book. How’s that for ending with a little poetry?  

Mark Fadden is a freelance writer and author whose latest, award-winning suspense thriller, The Brink, is now available as an eBook for Kindle and Barnes & Noble nook for only $2.99!

The Brink is a hell of a read.” – Bestselling author Sandra Brown

“Mark Fadden is a masterful storyteller.” – Writer’s Digest

“Mark Fadden is the next Dan Brown.” – Triple C Ranch Book Club, Southlake, Texas

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3 Responses

  1. Interested to know if there are any insights on how to get people to the website. I send notices of newly published books, I am running a blog tour, it’s the signature on my email, it’s a link on fb, it’s on business cards, bookmarks, ad infinitum.

    • Hi, Mark. I was working the Lewisville Borders when you did a book signing there and I’ve met you again since then while working with a friend of mine, Ronald Dunn, at his book signing.

      In regards to the blog topic, I think the gurus and media put too much emphasis on the social media and not enough on the website. The social media is just a means of communication. Our websites, like you said, “allow us a space on the web where we can share sample chapters, post a book trailer, and even sell our books. Websites are still our storefronts and we must keep the windows clean and the front stoop swept, or else no matter how many flyers we post in the neighborhood, or ads we take out in the local paper, ain’t no one gonna come by to take a look or buy a book.” You put your most important items here and you use the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Flickr, or what have you to reel them in and make the final sale. The magic lies in how you go about that and that is not easy. It’s about building those relationships and cultivating your own fan base then sending them out to set the fire that is the digital word of mouth.

      A really important thing about a website is that search engines index them more readily than social media, but that is changing. In the meantime, content is king and what better place to put it than on your own website. You use the social media platforms to spread the message by links to your fans and to new people who have never heard of you. It’s digital word of mouth!

      When I started helping Ron, I warned him that this was gonna take a while because you have to devote time to the engagement. Yes, I could be a ghost writer for him and assume his persona and come up with all kinds of content, but that would be lying to the fans. But in the end, it can be an awesome thing. When the next book is written, it’s sales will be faster because the network is already in place or well on it’s way.

      I’ve seen many authors that have a website, but do not have a social media page or if they do, they do not contribute. Or they do not have a website but they are on every social media platform there is and putting all there content on that. Well, that content is not getting indexed and put in the rankings of search engines. Sure, people are sharing it, but only on that network that their friends are on. It’s like a library but with a closed membership. Open the doors to that library!

      Didn’t mean to get long-winded but I get that way from time to time. Hope all is well with your writing and look forward to meeting you again!

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