The end all, be all site for getting a clear picture of the economy and bypassing the DC bulls**t

Sometimes, you just gotta laugh at those crazy kids in Washington. Especially when you’re sitting in a kiddie pool filled with your own sweat because it’s now the 33 straight day of 100+ degrees in Dallas and we hit a record 110 today. Brain melting aside, I’m not laughing at the dunce cap brigade at our nation’s capitol because they’re playing with our collective future as a nation and came only hours away from sending us into ARMADEBTON! Dun..Dun…Duuunnnn…

Not so fast. It seems those Wylie Coyote types up there in DC must have had their ACME Kick The Financial Problem Down The Road kits powered up when they were playing their little game of brinksmanship because, according to Binyamin Applbaum in the NY Times today, the agreement doesn’t actually cut spending. What’s worse, if the plan agreed upon yesterday isn’t adjusted, in 10 years the debt will be much larger than it is today. But, I’m sure there will be some politician who gets some economics “expert” to find fault with those numbers and add another layer of horse poop to the mix.

With all the fit hitting the shan about our dire economic situation, on this App Wednesday, I thought it appropriate to give a shout out to probably the must-read application that cuts through the crap and gives the clearest picture of the economy. It’s called the Calculated Risk Blog and it’s run by a guy named Bill McBride, who used to be in the mortgage business. I ran across his blog, which by the way correctly predicted the 2008 market crash back in 2005, when I was doing research for my thriller The Brink, which uses the financial crisis and the ensuing US debt problem as the tool the bad guys will use to bring the world to its knees, unless of course the troubled cop and the nearly naked beauty he meets running through the woods don’t stop them first.

So, whether you are a writer planning your own financial thriller, or you just want some good unbiased info about just how bad things are, take a look at McBride’s site. By the way, it’s overflowing with awesome graphs and charts in the “graph gallery” that can show you in colorful detail anything you ever wanted to know about our economy. Those beauties alone are worth the price of admission!

FYI – for tomorrow’s edition of  Thirsty Thursday, I’ve got a fantastic way to beat the unrelenting heat. You won’t want to miss it!


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