Mystery Monday – The Prisoner Who Wouldn’t Reveal His Name


Call it the right to remain silent, to the extreme. A man who was arrested for trespassing in a Utah parking garage remains in jail three weeks later, all because he has refused to reveal his identity.

The full story is here, but I can almost hear the grinding noises of all those cogs in heads of writers out there. He’s part of the witness protection program. He’s some black ops government agent who had his fingerprints removed. He’s a serial killer who can be tied to 30+ murders in other states.

But those ideas of who this guy is aren’t the ones that came from writers, necessarily. These guesses are the ones posted on the MSNBC comment section about the story.

While this is a great premise for an exciting mystery or thriller, the serial killer/govt agent/witness protection thing has been so done before. At this point, it’s cliche. So let’s try to come up with a plausible, and exciting, reason why this guy won’t reveal who he is. Oh and by the way, let’s not do the alien thing either…Illegal or Extra-Terrestrial!

To the keyboards!


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