Mystery Mondays – Why do we love certain characters?

Two words are the answer to the title question: flaws and “redeemability.”

For answers to today’s Mystery Monday of why we love the fictional characters we do, lets look to two people who have much better answers than I:

Nathan Bransford, an author and former literary agent, has a wonderful post on how the character’s “redeemability” is the key to us liking them, and thus following their adventures page after page.

Author and screenwriter Kris Cramer also did much justice to the idea that our hero’s must be heroic, in other words, they must not be wimps. They must move heaven and earth to complete their goals. But, and here’s the part that is even more important than their being heroic. They must, must, must have flaws. Why? I’ll leave it to Ms. Cramer to offer her opinion why. It’s a heck of a reason.

Agree with our two esteemed writing colleagues? Disagree? Type something heroic on your keyboard!    


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