Tools for Tuesday – The Amazing 1st or 3rd Person POV Choosamatron 2000!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that helped us choose which POV is better for our story: 1st person or 3rd person? Now, just a recap for those of us who forgotten what our 8th grade English teachers taught us. First person POV is from a single character’s POV throughout the book. The reader is looking at every scene and every other character through one character’s, usually the protagonist’s, eyes. Lots of “I’s” in this style.
Third person POV  can be from one character’s POV or many characters’ POV, depending on how you want to tell your story. Unlike all the “I’s” in first person, the POV character is always referred to in the narrative by their name or “he/she.”
There are many pros and cons to using each POV. On her blog Author Network, Linda Adams has an in-depth list of both. I began writing a new thriller back in June and used third person POV. But this morning at the crack of dawn, when my eyes were merely slits and my brain yearned for many jolts of caffeine, I remembered a bit of Adams’s advice on POV. “Some stories cry out for third and some cry out for first. Think about what the story requires to make it your best effort.”
I’m also reading Dennis Lehane’s follow up to Gone Baby Gone, which is titled Moonlight Mile. It was written in first person POV and couldn’t have been done any other way. The strong characterization of Patrick Kenzie – the way his Southie attitude and smart assed one liners provide a cover for a sensitive guy who will do anything to make sure he’s responsible for at the very least a bit of justice in the world – was made for first person POV. And so it shall be for my new hero, Scott Turner.
What about you? Do you struggle with POV? Ever started a novel or story and changed the POV after it just didn’t feel right? To the keyboards!

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