App Wednesday – Simplify Your Writing Life with Dropbox


We’ve all been there. You get to a local coffee shop, just far enough away from the house so the wife and kids or anyone else that may know you and hijack your time won’t stop in for a visit. The smell of freshly made coffee permeates the air and jump-starts your tired brain. “Feels like we’re gonna knock out 10 new pages in a couple of hours, Marky Mark,” your brain tells you. You get a cappuccino in an extra large white cup, and smile at the christmas tree design the barista made with the froth. Your smile widens ’cause it’s June and the sight of that slowly evaporating tree makes you think warm thoughts of cooler temperatures. Yes, dear friend, you are ready to write.

You sit, whip out your laptop, fire that bad boy up and jack in the jump drive…only to discover that when you thought you saved your updated rough draft on it, you didn’t. It inadvertently got saved in your shared photos folder next to the cute pic of the kids in their Transformers costumes from last Halloween. And that folder is deep in the bowels of your desktop computer, which is switched off at home.

No worries. If you had Dropbox, you could just visit their website and retrieve your rough draft. You could also look at the notes you took on your iPhone and saved to your Dropbox folder on said phone or be inspired by the photos you took while you were out and about. Dropbox automatically syncs up all of your computers and your smartphone with the information you input into one of them. And all for free. Pretty neat huh?

But, sadly, you don’t have Dropbox. You have to gather your stuff, go back home and try to save your rough draft yet again to your jump drive. But that’s when you get sidetracked by your son who needs your help building a Lego fortress, your wife just needs to go out to do a quick errand that lasts two hours, and of course, the lawn hasn’t been mowed in two weeks. Kiss another free afternoon of writing goodbye!

Or will you?     


Mark Fadden is a freelance writer and author whose latest, award-winning suspense thriller, The Brink, is now available as an eBook for Kindle and Barnes & Noble nook for only $2.99!

The Brink is a hell of a read.” – Bestselling author Sandra Brown

“Mark Fadden is a masterful storyteller.” – Writer’s Digest

“Mark Fadden is the next Dan Brown.” – Triple C Ranch Book Club, Southlake, Texas

Check out The Brink and Mark’s other books at

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