Conspiracy Friday – The explosion of conspiracy theories



Is your tin foil hat on tight? Any bin Laden sightings near the Tastee-Freeze in downtown Scranton?

Conspiracy theories have always been with us, but if you believe this ABC report, the numbers who believe in them are growing. And they’re not just backwoods folks who didn’t graduate kindergarten. According to this ABC report, many believe that the bin Laden killing was a rouse to bump up Obama’s reelection chances. The tornado that leveled Joplin, Missouri? It was created by a secret military project in Alaska that manipulated radio waves in the atmosphere. No, I didn’t make that one up. I swear.

Author Jonathan Kay is the one being interviewed in the ABC video and he has written Among the Truthers: A Journey Through America’s Growing Conspiracist Underground. If you want to debunk some of the more outrageous conspiracies that, according to Kay, many “Ph Ds, college professors and other educated professionals” believe in, then pick up a copy, and happy reading for the weekend!


Mark Fadden is a freelance writer and author whose latest, award-winning suspense thriller, The Brink, is now available as an eBook for Kindle and Barnes & Noble nook for only $2.99!

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