Conspiracy Friday – The Patriot Act…Patriotic or Tyrranical?

First, sorry for no post yesterday on Thirsty Thursday. I got hung up on a project. But, here’s a link I found that asks a very important question: Do liberals drink more beer? I myself don’t claim a party. If I must be labeled, I’m fiscally responsible and socially liberal, so I guess I’m a libertarian. Oh well, I’ll still drink a beer with a liberal, a conservative, a democrat or a republican and anyone in between. The only hang up I have is that the beer’s got to be a good one. 

For this edition of Conspiracy Friday, there’s been a lot of talk about President Obama renewing some tenets of the Patriot Act this week. Here’s Texas’s own Alex Jones, a great guy to follow if you’re into conspiracies, ranting on about marching on Austin due to the Patriot Act.

So, what are your thoughts on the Patriot Act? Needed legislation to ensure our safety? Or does it snuff out our freedoms? To the keyboards! And have a happy and safe holiday weekend! We return with Tools for Tuesday next week.


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