Meet the Booksellers


It seems that us “authorpreneurs”, like most entrepreneurs, are always looking for the next website, app, or social media strategy that is both low cost and will give us a good ROI in order to sell more books. Well, I’ve got one “low-tech” option that costs nothing more than a few minutes of your time and a smile.

At your next book signing, head for the bookstore staff and introduce yourself to them. Hand them a copy of your book and give them the elevator pitch description of it. Ask them if you can put some of your bookmarks at their counters. If you’re signing is at a Barnes & Noble, chances are it’s on a weekend which is one of their busiest times. Chances are also high that there are at least ten people on staff at the different counters throughout the store. Go visit every one of them and say hi. And don’t forget about the folks at the cafe counter and the CD/DVD counter in the back of the store. I introduced myself to Liz, who was working the CD counter at the Lincoln Park B&N during my last signing. Not only did she tell everyone that came by her counter about it, she also bought a book herself!  The reason why was because, “I took the time to come back and visit with her. No one ever does that.”

So, fellow authorprenuers, meet the bookshop staff. Chances are, customers are asking them for recommendations. Chances are they will mention your book, even after your signing is over. It’s like having an entire sales team working for you, without putting a single dent in your marketing budget.


Mark Fadden is a freelance writer and author. Bestselling author Sandra Brown recently had this to say about Mark’s latest novel, The Brink: “[The Brink] is a hell of a read. The chemistry between [the main characters] Danny and Sydney is terrific. The action sequences were heart-pounding, and I was left feeling that you have a sequel in mind!” Check out The Brink and Mark’s other books at

The Brink is now available as an eBook for Kindle  and Barnes & Noble nook for only $2.99!

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