Mystery Monday – Patterns of Horror


Sometimes, one person really can make a difference. Sometimes, all it takes is one pair of eyes to see something everyone else is missing.

In 2004, a Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation analyst discovered something remarkable, and horrific: the bodies of murdered women were being dumped along the Interstate 40 corridor in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Mississippi. The pattern was then disclosed to members of the FBI’s ViCAP (Violent  Criminal Apprehension Program) and, after determining that there were similar patterns across the nation, it was determined that over a 30 years period, more than 500 murders fit this new pattern. While not all 500+ murders could be attributed to one person, this data blew a big hole in the long believed notion by the FBI, profilers and other experts that serial killers hunted in small geographic areas. Several of the suspects that allegedly committed these crimes were long haul truckers who, according to the FBI’s Highway Serial Killings webpage, were never caught because ” the mobile nature of the offenders, the unsafe lifestyles of the victims, the significant distances and multiple jurisdictions involved, and the scarcity of witnesses or forensic evidence can make these cases tough to solve.”

So, why does a story like this one matter to us writers? Well, you’re a writer, use your imagination!

Comments? To the keyboards!


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