Do writers make good publishers?

With the advent of eReaders, it seems that everywhere you look, there are opportunities for writers to become their own publishers. has Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Barnes & Noble has PubIt, and Borders has a deal with BookBrewer, which also has deals with and iBooks. 

In a previous, shortened post from January 20 entitled “Escape from New York” I linked to an article about how many authors are choosing to go the self-pub route because they keep more of the money. In that same post, I mentioned that one of the publishing house reps said that pubishing houses were “venture capitalists for authors.” More than the fact that they can help us market our books through their long established marketing channels and relationships with the big book chains, literally thousands of independent stores across the globe and therefore millions of book buyers, lets not forget the editing staff. Will the ability to self pub an ebook for free muddy the waters of the publishing world with horribly written books filled with grammatical errors, typos, and just plain wandering amounts of crap? Yes. Will it, like American Idol has done, provide a platform for those few talented and hard working authors that may have gotten missed by the publishing houses to show their stuff? Absolutely. Welcome to the brave new world of publishing.

Your thoughts on eBook self publishing? The wave of the future? Or will that wave drag in with it a bunch of hidden crap into the pristine white sands of the literary beaches? To the keyboards!

Tomorrow’s post – why you should, absolutely, positively, self publish an eBook in 2011…in the words of an internationally known author.


Mark Fadden is a freelance writer and award-winning author of Five Days in Dallas and The Brink. Signed copies of The Brink are available 20% off the cover price at

New Ereader? Download the eBook version of The Brink in seconds, for less than $8.

2 Responses

  1. […] you should self publish in 2011 Posted on February 11, 2011 by markfadden Yesterday, we talked about some of the possible negative effects of self-publishing will have on the publishing world. Today, a more positive view of it. Here’s a link to […]

  2. Yes to all the questions at the end. It’a a whole new world in publishing and everything is still shaking out. It’s going to be great for some. Several self publishers will rise up and succeed wildly. Others will do well. And those without the chops will flail about and eventually give up.

    Was great meeting you at the DFW Writers Conference.

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