The secret to eternal life? Be a press release on the Internet

The warning has permeated all our lives…be careful what you do and where you do it. It could wind up on the Internet. And once it’s on the Internet, it never dies.

While that is a dire warning for those of us who tend to streak our neighbor’s yard and they happen to have a network of clandestine security cameras, it is actually a good thing when it comes to those of us trying to sell a product or service. Whether you have created a viral video (the “will it blend” of an iphone has over 9.4 million views on Youtube), or a press release, the Internet breathes life in it by keeping in relevant. 

Case in point, the press release I sent out through is still getting posted on websites 3 months later. So, remember, write a good press release, maybe even invest in a service to broadcast it, like, and your release too will live in infamy. Who knows, maybe your grandkids will hit on it 30 years from now. Stranger things have happened on the Internet.


Mark Fadden is a freelance writer and award-winning author of Five Days in Dallas and The Brink. Signed copies of The Brink are available 20% off the cover price at

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