Facebook or Google – who should get a writer’s advertising dollars?

As a writer of suspense, my inclination is to tease you, twist things, and inject a bunch of mystery before I answer the title question. But fear not, o’ friend of the pen, ’cause I know we’re all crunched for time. So here it is, hands down, it’s Google.

I scheduled an ad campaign that centered on the fact that lots of people were going to receive eReaders this Christmas. Plus, it was the last week of December, and my latest book, The Brink, had been selected to be part of the Barnes & Noble Special Collections during December, the second time it has recieved that award. The more often a SP book is purchased, the more likely it is to turn the head of a B&N buyer, the more likely it is to be given some more shelf space in more B&N stores. I also linked the ads straight to The Brink’s eBook webpage on B&N.

Here are the ads, first Google:

  • New eReader?
  • Try the latest thriller from
  • “the next Dan Brown” for $8.
  • www.barnesandnoble.com/TheBrink
  • This ad was posted 74,560 times, and it was clicked on 466 times. The average cost per click as $0.23.

    Here’s the Facebook ad:

    New eReader?

    Facebook stats: posted 282,299 times, it was clicked 60 times, and the average cost per click was $1.16
    Let’s analyze the numbers. I got WAAAYYYY more clicks from Google for way less money ($1.16 per click on FB; $0.23 on Google) Also, due to the limitations of not being able to see if the people that clicked ended up buying books (I’ll have to wait until my quarterly report is posted from my publisher) I did see that my ranking on the eBook version of The Brink on B&N’s site did go way up.
    While next time I would run these campaigns at different times to really see how much using Google or FB impacted my eBook sales, I do think that people going onto FB are looking more to “hang out” or connect with friends than they are looking for products or services to buy.  Therefore, whenever I do online ads in the future, I think I’m going to stick with Google. I get alot more bang for the buck, and, in advertising, that’s the bottom line.  

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