The 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse?

Another day off, yet here it is..another post. I couldn’t help this one, as it’s more a rant that focuses on the plot from my latest thriller, The Brink, and less about being an authorpreneur. Shamless self promotion, yes. But these are the last days that I’m part of the B&N Special Collection, so please cut me a little slack for trying to keep myself TOM (Top Of Mind). 

Most folks don’t know what the Federal Reserve is, and yet it has perhaps the most influence in our daily lives more than any other piece of the federal government. Did you catch that? The Federal Reserve isn’t even part of our government (another common misconception), it’s a private entity. But chances are, the fact that you’re living in the house you have because of the low mortgage rate, or the fact that you didn’t get that loan you needed to start a new business because the interest rate was a killer, all came about because of something this private bank did. You are permitted to cojure pictures of a giant Monopoly banker growing tentacles and wrapping them around the Capital building here if you want.

And even if you followed former Alan Greenspan, and could decipher his famous “Greenspeak” speeches to corner the market in your day trading days, or you tweet or blog about current Chairman Bernanke’s press releases and senate hearings, chances are you don’t know the following names: Fisher, Plosser, Evans and  Kocherlakota. But, as voting members of the Fed’s Board of Governors, it is these 4 men who hold the power to sway those key Fed actions that will impact you and your financial future for years, or perhaps even decades, to come.

A recent NYT article sets up their decision making power like the engine behind a conspiratorial plot of a  suspense novel: “The four men are presidents of regional Fed banks, and under an arcane system that dates to the Depression, they will become voting members in 2011 on the Federal Open Market Committee, which gathers eight times a year around a 27-foot mahogany table to influence the supply of credit in the economy.”

It is this kind of behind-the-scenes activity that makes us question our government, not trust it. While it provides inspiration for fiction writers to churn out stories that hopefully education while they entertain, casting these men as shadowy characters in the self-mockumentary that is our present day political system powers the politics of dangerous and ignorant extremes that now soaks up hours and hours of TV and Internet programming. 

So, what to do? Insert op/ed for educating the little ones  here – Maybe we should teach the kiddos a little more about how organizations like The Fed really work, and just how much influence they have over mommy’s and daddy’s life. Maybe instead of learning their state capitals, they should know the names of the men and women who will wield pens as mighty swords over their financial futures. If nothing else, we should teach the children about credit scores and not how to f*** their’s up. Now that’s something that will affect EVERYTHING they do in their financial life. Plus, it’s a pretty easy start to get a handle on what people can do to control their financial life rather than trying to figure out what goes on after hours around one of those 27-foot mahogany tables. I just hope the cleaning lady uses plenty of Pledge the next morning.


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