Dude, where’s your storefront?

The Chamber Ribbon Cutting. A tried and true technique to welcome a new business member into the community. But, what about those of us that don’t have a storefront? How can a writer working from a home office have a ribbon cutting?

How about at the local bookstore? With a little sweet talking you could probably convince your local bookstore manager to hold your ribbon cutting / book signing event at their location. Because, hmmmm…. let’s see, they would hate to have an extra 20 or 40 people in their store that are there for your event. Yes, it’d be awful if they stayed over or showed up early and had to browse the aisles of the store to kill some time, or pick up a last minute Christmas gift for Aunt Linda who just said that she finally decided to make the drive up from Waco for Christmas.

As an authorpreneur, being a part of your chamber is a great way to network with other area entrepreneurs to not only sell books, but maybe get some ideas on innovative techniques to sell your books. Because what may work for the local plumber, may just work for you,  too.


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