What’s Your 2011 Writing Resolution?

Just a quick sidebar here: I’m a dog lover, but you can’t really argue with a pissed off cat pic.

In a recent blog, we covered what we’re going to do in 2011 on the marketing side to get more book sales and build our author platform (come on, say it with me…speaking engagements). But, what about the writing side?

If you’re like me, trying to sell our darlings has taken quite the bite out of the time we have for writing the next blockbuster. So, with Baby New Year about to fill his new fangled 2011 diaper with a craptastic load of inspiration for us to crank out the Next Big Novel, or the New Gotta-Read Non-Fiction Book, how best to channel that inspiration and excitement so that we actually get things done?

We’re going to stay on this topic for a little while until we can hopefully get some good ideas floating around. That means it’s time to share, people. I’ll get us started with one of my writing resolutions for 2011…

Daily word goal – I know, it sounds basic and boring, but setting goals has worked forever. And I like words better than pages, because with pages we start to dicker with line spacing and margins until there’s like ten words on each page and it’s a column in the middle. My personal goal is 2,500 words a weekday.

What about you? How are you going to make your cute little rump stay in that uncomfortable Ikea chair to knock out some serious work?

To the keyboards!


BTW, I’ve got around 18 copies left of The Brink that I can sign for your favorite reader and still mail out in time for Christmas. The best part? It’s gonna set you back less than 20 bucks. So, if you need a last minute gift that will grace your friend’s/uncle’s/estranged lover’s bookcase and make them think about you every time they look at it over the years (and believe me, the fact that it’s a signed book, they’ll love it long time, AND keep it more prominently displayed than their own wedding album, which is probably in a box in the attic), you can order one at http://shop.markfadden.com. And, as always, thanks for the love.


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