Crossing Over to BookCrossing

Ever heard of Basically, here’s what it is and how it works. You write an ID # on the inside cover of your book with a note explaining that it is a free book. You then leave it in a public place (coffeehouse, restaurant, park bench, etc.) Hopefully, the person who finds it will read it, post a review, how they got it, etc. along with the ID # so it can be tracked. Then, they pass it on. String this scenario out a few hundred times and you’ve got a cool story about how a book has traveled across perhaps the world and touch numerous lives in the process.

I think you can tell where I’m going with this one. Time to donate a few copies of your books to the wild social experiment that is Everyone is talking about how to grow your fanbase organically. is about as organic as it can get. Plus, it will be really cool if your book winds up being read by our troops in Afghanistan and become part of the first armed book club ever! 

Speaking of arms, doesn’t recommend you leave your book in an airport or other place where authorities are on the lookout for suspicious packages. Let’s not scare anyone this close to the holidays.


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