Top 5 book marketing techniques that work

Yesterday, we reviewed the dogs of my book marketing campaign. Today, let’s take a look at what works, i.e. what gets you the most bang for the smallest buck.

1. Blog – Properly maintaining a blog is a great way to get your message out and keeping it relevant. Giving good information that people can use (like book marketing that works) is a powerful resource. Making sure your blog is linked up to your facebook, twitter, shelfari, good reads, etc. accounts is CRUCIAL to broadcasting your message, thus building your author platform and selling books. For example, people see my post on my facebook account, remember that they can get a signed book for christmas and BAM, there’s an order on the site. Oh yeah, and all this publicity is 100% F-R-E-E.

2. Facebook – While shameless self promotion is an understood no-no on FB, simply interacting with those from your past, present, and future will keep you “top of mind” and turn your FB friends into customers sooner or later. Just watch out for that old high school siren who may be trying to seduce you into her virtual lair, big boy. What looks good on FB is probably the queen of one-half of a duplex filled with screaming kids and a yappy dog that likes her old man better than you. And he bites. 

3. Book signings – still the tried and true method of meeting people face to face. Plus, you know they are readers, ’cause they’re in a bookstore. Walk the store with your bookmarks. Have an email sign up sheet at your table. Be like a politician on the last leg of the most important campaign of your career. Shake hands, smile, make small talk, listen. No matter how many books you sell, treat everyone you meet at a book signing like you’re on a first date and you’ll have fans for life.  

4. Civic group/library presentations – Here you have a captive audience hanging on your every word. Whatever your book’s topic, split the presentation into two areas: the topic of your book and the state of the publishing industry today. Why talk about publishing? Two reasons. One, right now there’s more drama in that industry than in a Real Housewives TV Marathon. And two, there’s probably more than a few people in your audience that have thought about writing a book (Hey, if Snooki from Jersey Shore can do it…). They will want to know what it’s like from someone who’s already been through it. Now, here’s the big part. Usually these meetings are during a meal and people are sitting at tables. Take enough copies of your books to put SEVERAL COPIES ON EACH TABLE! I made the mistake on my first one to just put one copy at each table. I sold out of those copies, but looking back, I could have sold more. People like to look, touch, even smell books they want to buy. Let them.

5. Meet at least 1 new person every day. It sounds a little forward, but everyone you meet is a potential customer. This sales technique is as old as selling itself. But, sooner or later, people you meet will get around to asking you what you do for a living. “Well, I’m a writer who just published my latest book…” Just think, if you meet 1 person a day, that’s 30 people a month. If you follow the Law of 250, which means that each person has on average 250 people that they know, at the end of the month, you have a potential new audience of 7,500. Every month. That’s 90,000 at the end of the year. Boom. You’re on your way to a giant email database of people that want to hear about your next book.  

Not only have these tools techniques worked very well for me, they are all essentially free (not including computer/internet fees for FB, or gas money to get to the various civic meetings) While I’m glad I’ve tried many different ways to market my books, and I’ve spent some money doing so, I’m glad I’ve gone through that exercise. It let’s me know that for 2011, I will narrow my marketing focus on the things that work. It’s also great to know that the top book marketing techniques that work are free. All they take are an investment of time to make them work for you.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,

Rest easy tonight my friends, but stay hungry tomorrow… 


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