Tools for Tuesday: The Best of… Nov 2010

Tools for Tuesday keeps rolling along. Today’s theme is sharing is caring. And since this is the last day in November, I thought I’d share some of the top 10 best articles of Nov 2010 recently posted on writer Carol Tice’s website  For the full post, please visit 23518

The site is quite good, lots of helpful hints to us scribblers. I especially enjoyed a recent one entitled “What Freelance Writers Can Learn from Sarah Palin.” Leave your Ronald Reagan boxers and Clinton cigar cutters at the door. No matter your political leanings, the 4-eyed Alaskan fox does know how to work a room, and her brand.


  1. How to Plan a Successful Blog – A Step-by-Step Guide – by Annabel Candy on The Daily Brainstorm
  2. 13 Tips for Beginning Bloggers (which I learned the hard way) by Gretchen Rubin on ProBlogger
  3. 10 Typical Questions From Writers (that are really just fear in disguise) – by Emma Newman on Write for Your Life
  4. 7 Ways to Improve Your Writing — Right Now – by James Chartrand on Copyblogger
  5. Top 5 Query Mistakes Freelancers Make – by Linda Formichelli on Renegade Writer
  6. Why People Should Stop Updating Their Blogs – by Jered Slusher, on Virgin Blogger Notes

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,

Rest easy tonight my friends, but stay hungry tomorrow… 


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  1. Hi Mark —

    Thanks for the link love…but it’s not cool to reprint my entire post on your blog. A paragraph or two is considered fair use…the above we call copyright infringement. Appreciate your re-coding that.

    Thanks for being a Make a Living Writing reader!

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