Tools for Tuesday

Welcome to a new segment on Book Marketing Wars: “Tools for Tuesday.” If you’re over 30, your brain may be tingling because it sounds like the familiar “Two for Tuesday” promos that radio DJs did back in the good old days (I’m talking about any year before the century changeover). Of course, some of those same DJs, still rockin’ the same bitchin’ mullets are probably still doing the same Two for Tuesday formats, God bless ‘em.

Anyway, as a former college DJ, I wanted to not only pay homage to those glory days, but also try to introduce tools that I’ve been using with a good amount of success. All of these tools can be found in Guerrilla Marketing for Writers: 100 No-cost, low-cost weapons for selling your work by Jay Conrad Levinson, Rick Frishman, Michael Larsen, and David L. Hancock. It’s an excellent read. I highly recommend you running down to your local bookstore with the gift card you were going to give your Aunt Clarice and using it to buy a copy.

Tool #1 – Think like an entrepreneur. Perhaps the most important part of Guerrila Marketing for Writers is that all the ideas within it are designed to help us think like entrepreneurs. We are not just about writing one book or one non-fiction proposal. Like an entrepreneur that has started up a business, hung out their shingle and now has a store full of products to sell to customers that will hopefully come back for more again and again. As it states in the book on p. 4, “don’t think like a writer that has something to say; think like an author who has a lifetime of books, products and services to sell – an author who knows what it takes to make books sell and will be totally committed to doing it.”

So what are you doing to be an authorpreneur? What would you like to do?

To the keyboards!


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