News Release: Colleyville author presents lecture on writing, marketing novels at Newark Public Library

Pat Winn, Newark Library Director Megan Suffling , Mayor Pro-tem of Newark Laura Pixler, and author Mark Fadden

“To get your books read, writers can no longer just write. They must promote their books in every way imaginable and in even new ways that no one’s ever thought of.” That was the key message of author Mark Fadden’s recent presentation to patrons of the Newark Public Library in Newark, Texas.

During his lecture, Beyond the book: How being an “authorpreneur” will help you sell books, build your author platform and gain lifelong fans, Fadden gave listeners helpful hints on how to use mostly free online tools to manage their book marketing campaigns. These ranged from the simple, using Google Alerts to find out when someone’s name was mentioned anywhere and anytime of the web, to how to use to launch a press release, something he did recently. “My press release, entitled Author’s Latest Thriller Eerily Similar to Recent Events, had more than 61,000 news feed impressions. Out of those it was read 1,177 times, and I am beginning to follow up with those sources to see if I can leverage that interest into a book review or other publicity.”

Fadden readily admits his new novel, The Brink, not only predicted the currency wars, the Federal Reserve’s latest reaction to the mounting U.S. debt crisis, and even the recent Washington, D.C. Metro bomb scare, it is an extremely controversial financial thriller. The book features a lost Constitution article while it uses real-world economic numbers to weave an intricate conspiracy tale that takes up where the recent financial meltdown left off. “Great fiction should inspire us to challenge the status quo,” Fadden said, “especially when the status quo involves our country’s truly dangerous financial situation.” It is this dangerous financial situation that becomes the focus of the story after the main character, fugitive lawman Danny Cavanaugh, helps a woman running for her life, only to get sucked into a secret society’s plot to create financial Armageddon.

The Brink is Fadden’s third novel. His first novel, Five Days in Dallas, was published in 2003. It received critical acclaim and Fadden himself was even called a “masterful storyteller” by a Writer’s Digest reviewer. Fadden, who grew up in Houston and now lives in Colleyville, Texas, has several book signings and lectures scheduled in the next few months. His event schedule and the first 22 pages of The Brink can be previewed at  Fadden has also created a blog about writing novels and book marketing using social media entitled, “Book Marketing Wars: building your author platform,” which can be read at

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