Building your online following – Part 1

One of the blogs I really like is Nathan Bransford’s blog. Although he just changed jobs and is no longer a literary agent, he continues to pump out great content for writers. Case in point – I’ve copied his latest blog below. Building your online following is the whole point for authors engaging in social media. It also fits nicely into this week’s theme – how to incorporate organic searches into your promotional campaign.

If you aren’t following Nathan Bransford and you’re a writer, you need to be. His advice is priceless. It’s just that simple.

Nathan Bransford – Seven Tips on How to Build a Following Online


Seven Tips on How to Build a Following Online

Posted: 22 Nov 2010 07:04 AM PST

1. Be consistent. We are all creatures of online habit, and if you are hoping to build traffic and a regular audience, it’s essential to worm your way into people’s routines (much harder than actually getting them to like you!). And in order to do this, it’s important to have a posting frequency that your audience knows and expects. Whether you blog/Tweet/Tumble once a day, five times a day, or once a week (but not less than that), know thy social media schedule and keep it holy.

2. Reach out and comment someone. The best way to build traffic is to be noticed. Pick a few well-trafficked blogs and/or Forums, become a fixture, get to know the regulars, write witty comments, and try to attract people naturally your way. The more you invest in other people, and I mean genuinely invest in them, the more they’ll be willing to return the favor. Better yet, you might even make some wonderful real-life friends.

3. Take the long view. A following is not built overnight. When impatience enters the picture there’s a temptation to be overly controversial, which is a good short-term way of getting traffic, but damaging in the long term. If you make everyone mad people will definitely stop by, but chances are they won’t be back.

4. Find your niche. The Internet abhors a vacuum, and it’s important to think about what unique information or perspective you will provide. Be as unique and interesting as possible, and make yourself stand out from the pack.

5. Short paragraphs. There are few things less inviting than a massive wall of text. Twitter forces you to be brief, but everywhere else make your paragraphs short and punchy.

6. SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Think about your post titles and imagine what someone would Google if they wanted to know about the topic you’re talking about. The more links you receive from other sources the higher your search results, and the more natural traffic you’ll receive.

7. Be selfless. It’s not about you, it’s about your readers and followers. Think about what you are providing them and deliver the goods.

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