A picture is worth 426 pages.

First of all, sorry the lapses in posts in the last week. I had some family business to take care of. But now, I’m back and ready to continue (with a new blog title. You like?)

As we continue the season of discontent with our financial regulators, I thought the following video was interesting. It also provides a very clear explanation of what my latest thriller, The Brink, is all about. The FED is jacking with our markets, the latest round being QE2. There will probably be a QE3 and QE4, and so on, which brings me to the reason for this post. Youtube is a HUGE tool you can use to market your books. Not only can you make your own videos, but you can also highlight those videos that may pertain to your plot, characters, etc. So, here’s the one that pertains to mine. Enjoy, and if you’re thinking about your next book, plot, etc, think about what’s on Youtube now that you can use to help promote your book. Or, if you’re stuck and looking for a plot, characters, etc., type in your subject into the Youtube search engine for some inspiration. Watching the Old Spice guy might just jar something loose in your noggin.


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