News Alert – World Bank president’s gold comment eerily similar to new novel’s conspiracy

Colleyville, Texas – Nov 10,2010 – Robert Zoellick, the World Bank’s president,  has called on leading economies to make gold the standard guide for currencies. Gold has recently hit yet another record high and many economies are now considering it the world’s new reserve currency, which could possibly dethrone the US dollar as king.

“It’s pretty strange that all these events from the book are coming true,” said author Mark Fadden of his latest thriller, The Brink, a novel he wrote in 2006. In the book, Fadden writes about a financial conspiracy that has the Bank of Japan using gold as an “economic nuclear bomb” against the United States. Not only is there that similarity to real life, but the book was written in the wake of a global economic meltdown, and also includes a bomb attack on the Washington, D.C. Metro system, which closely parallels the bomb scare that actually occurred just a few weeks ago. “I wrote the book to closely mirror current events in the real world and to offer a plausible explanation for why they are happening,” said Fadden, 37. “But I never thought it would predict actual events.”


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