A writer’s secret weapon

As writers, only the boundaries of our imagination can contain our actions. But, our actions in the book marketing world is a very different story. We have a daily Google Adwords budget. Or a weekly Facebook ad budget. We probably have a budget for how much we’re willing to spend on an ad in the local newspaper to promote a book signing. We probably compare the quote from prweb.com and inewswire.com to see how much bang for the buck we can get on our latest news release. Because we are working with small budgets and razor-thin margins, it is like finding the Holy Grail itself when we discover a HIGH QUALITY way to promote ourselves to our readers that has a SIZZLING ROI (return on investment).

A FANTASTIC tool to use to introduce yourself and your latest book to people that will very likely want to read it is www.meetup.com. The website is a network of local groups, anything from Beer Lovers (of which I’m a member) to a number of book clubs. All you need to do is register, type in your zip code and the words “book clubs” into the search window and viola! You can see which clubs would be interested in reading your book and even contact them. And did I mention that it’s FREE to join meetup.com?

I’ve met several organizers of book clubs through meetup.com. While, in my email, I give the synopsis of the book, I also always ask the organizer if he/she would like a free review copy of my book to see if they would be interested in their club selecting it for an upcoming meeting. To increase your chances of getting your book selected, make yourself available for the meeting when they review it.  Book club meetings are fantastic! You have access to people that will provide quality feedback, wine and/or beer is typically served and the snacks are usually kick ass, even better than a sheep strapped with a rocket launcher.  Seriously, if you haven’t already, join meetup.com. You’ll be very glad you did.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,

Rest easy tonight my friends, but stay hungry tomorrow… 


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