Book Signing Behaivor aka A Sure Fire Way to Get Readers Interested in Your Baby

I love book signings. I may have mentioned in past posts that I DO NOT SIT DOWN! And neither should you. When I’m not signing books, I float around the store like a butterfly, but a determined butterfly with a specific mission. Armed with a handful of bookmarks, it is my goal to pass out as many of them to as many customers as possible. I always have one eye on my signing table in case someone is there waiting to get a book signed. 

But here’s something new I learned at my signing at the Lewisville, Texas Barnes & Noble yesterday. It seems so simple. In fact, it’s idiotic that I haven’t been doing it from the start. The wonderful Community Relations Manager Debbe France mentioned it just in passing, in fact she was so matter-of-fact about it, the words almost passed me by. As I was setting up my signing, I told her that I like to walk around the store and hand out bookmarks, and if she’d be okay with that. She said she would, then she added, “make sure to have  a copy of the book with you to hand out to people that seem interested.”

Boom. Show your customer the product. Simple, right? I’ve been so concerned with showing them the brochure of the product when this whole time, the product has been merely feet away and available for a test drive. Oy vey! How dumb could I be?

So, I quickly changed my approach. Now, this takes a little feel on your part. You have to feel out your customer in just a few seconds, but most of us can tell if a person is open to being talked to or not. The ones that were, I handed them a bookmark to break the ice. If they were in the mystery or thriller section, I asked them who their favorite thriller author was. If they were in the cooking section, I asked if they liked thrillers. If they were young people, I asked them if their parents liked thrillers. Those questions let me know if my book was going to be something they would enjoy or want to buy as a gift. If the light was still green, I would excuse myself, jog to my signing table and grab a copy book. I would make sure to give it to them with the promise that the first two pages would totally suck them into the story. More often than not, they ended up buying it. Consequently, I had a very successful signing and nearly sold out of books.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make all the difference. And it is also those simple things that we often overlook. People are in bookstores because they want to preview books. Getting them to preview your book is probably 75% of closing the sale. A little small talk and a sincere interest in building a relationship with each of those readers will generally take care of the other 25%. Go get ’em, Tiger.  

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,

Rest easy tonight my friends, but stay hungry tomorrow… 


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