‘Tis the season to rock your website shopping cart

Jingle bells, batman smells… Can’t you almost hear the little neighborhood cherubs lighting up that classic? Yes, Christmas is still almost 3 months away, but put it another way, CHRISTMAS IS LESS THAN 3 MONTHS AWAY!!! And let me ask you this question, my fellow authors, are you selling your books online at your website? I can almost hear the responses. No, Mark I’m not. In fact, my website can’t handle ecommerce. It’s for information purposes only. All of you that don’t have a way for folks to buy your books online at your website, please send me your addresses. I’ll be right over the slap some sense into you.

In the spirit of evolution (both the ‘Earth is millions of years old’ kind and the ‘Adam and Eve walked with the dinosaurs just days after the Earth was created a few thousand years ago’ kind – hey, whatever you believe is find with me, the last thing I want to do is offend anyone, I need all the fans I can get!), I am once again changing up the old website, http://www.markfadden.com. Currently, I have my Paypal account linked to my site and people can go through that to buy books. But it’s an involved process, and I’ve found out that I’m losing customers because of the hassle. Therefore, I purchased the ‘quick shopping cart’ module from my webhosting service, godaddy.com. Yes, brothers and sisters of the pen, I have looked into the eyes of Jillian Michaels, the new Godaddy Girl, as she silently taunts me from the godaddy.com homepage to be a better man. I can almost hear her yelling, “being a better man means selling more books, jackass!” Selling more books online means buying a shopping cart module for my site.

Now, like I did with my kid’s playground, before I bought it, I read through the ‘Quick Shopping Cart’ customer reviews like, “I installed my shopping cart add-on and had it up and running in no time!” and I thought, “Cool. This should only take me a half hour, hour at the most.” Let me just say that, like said playground, it ain’t going quite a quickly as promised. I’ll get back to you when I’m done, but we’re holding at 2 hours right now. Maybe I should call Jillian over to help.

But here’s a serious part to the shopping cart/ecommerce equation: what about the sales tax? Godaddy even gives you options like the ability to skip the sales tax or charge sales tax depending on your situation. Again, Google to the resecue. I did some research and found an interesting article on the Yahoo! Small Business site. It seems that sales tax should be charged to customers that live in your same state, but there may be a loophole here. Also, there’s a bill in Congress that might just create a national Internet sales tax. Here’s the link to read the article for yourself to determine what you should do for your site: http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/r-article-a-2604-m-2-sc-59-sales_tax_on_the_internet_who_pays_it_who_doesnt-i

Regardless of the tax situation, you need to be selling your books on your website. Especially since the Christmas season is ramping up. Tis the season, let’s all sell some good books!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,

Rest easy tonight my friends, but stay hungry tomorrow… 


Here’s what readers are saying about Mark’s latest thriller The Brink:

“I finally had a chance to sit down and read The Brink–all the way through in a day and a half. The story is gripping, even frightening, and you capture the suspense in the rhythm of your prose. In places I was reading so fast I felt like I was in the chase! I’ll put it on the shelf next to my signed copy of Lonesome Dove, in the gallery of great contemporary writers!” – Bob H., Amarillo, TX

“[Mark Fadden] is the next Dan Brown.” – Arlene D., Southlake, TX

“Truly a pager turner for me. I could not put the book down. Every time I thought I had figured something out, the next twist came up. If you like conspiracy theories, you’ll love this one.” – Sharon L, Houston, TX

Want to start reading The Brink right now? Download the eBook version from amazon.com for less that $10 at http://www.amazon.com/The-Brink-ebook/dp/B003OYIEPC/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&m=AG56TWVU5XWC2&s=digital-text&qid=1284567122&sr=8-2 or bn.com at http://search.barnesandnoble.com/The-Brink/Mark-Fadden/e/9781450210492/?itm=1&USRI=mark+fadden.

Order a signed copy of The Brink as a keepsake for yourself or as the ultimate one-of-a-kind gift at http://markfadden.com/buyabook.html


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