A Glimpse into the trenches of a book marketing campaign

Writing Topic – First or Third, and no it’s not my Shrek movie preference

Marketing Topic – Taking it on the road

Writing Topic – First or Third, and no it’s not my Shrek movie preference

When you read a book, do you pay much attention to what voice it’s told in? Is it first person (I, me, my) or second (you) or 3rd (he, she, they)? When you go back and look at these books again, looking for the perspective from which it’s told, does it change the book’s feel? It’s personality? What if you were to take a story told in the first person and change all the I, me, my’s with third person he, she, they’s. Would that change your opinion of the story?

I’ve often thought that first person is a very emotional, very in-your-face kind of storytelling. I’ve shied away from it. It also limits the storyteller’s ability to tell the story from multiple perspectives. However blasphemous this sounds, I’ve decided to do my next novel as a hybrid of 1st and 3rd person perspective. This isn’t a new concept, writer’s have been doing it for a long time. But I think in this case, where I’m trying to fuse a coming of age story with a murder mystery, those two perspectives will be able to carry the load of the story quite nicely.

Thoughts? Experiences with first person? Opinions of the third person? To the keyboards!

Marketing Topic – Taking it on the road

How far are you willing to go to sell books? Now I’m not asking that you streak your local B&N carrying a flag that features your website address on it. I’m talking about physical miles. Ho far are you willing to travel during your book signing tour? And how long  will your book tour be? A few months? A few years?

I’ll be traveling to Houston a few times this fall and to New Orleans as well. I am going to make time to stop in to several book stores in Houston to introduce myself and to see if I can do a signing at a later date. While I’m on vacation in NOLA, I’ve already talked to the Borders there and they’ve agreed to host me during my trip. Another small bookstore’s owner is reviewing The Brink and will soon decide whether he can host me.

Point is, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, try to carve out some time for a book signing. At the very least, you can write off some business expenses!


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